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1st ChemEngUP Alumni Symposium

1st ChemEngUP Alumni Symposium

ChemEngUP organizes the 1st Alumni Symposium, in the context of celebrating 40 years of operation.

The Symposium will take place at the Conference and Cultural Centre of the University of Patras on Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June 2018 and is open to all graduates of all programs of study, undergraduate and graduate, as well as all those who have had a working or scientific relationship with ChemEngUP (post-docs, researchers, professors, etc). The Symposium is co-organized with the Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences of the Foundation for Research and Technology, whose story is intertwined with our Department.

The aim of the Symposium is to renew and strengthen alumni relations, having in mind the affinity in mentality and goals as well as the contribution to the future of ChemEngUP.

The character of the Symposium is mixed, including meetings with teachers, briefing on the advancements of chemical engineering science, contributions from active industrial chemical engineers, information and discussions concerning developments and plans for the future of the Department, and of course social events culminating in the gala dinner on Saturday night June 16.

We are confident that our graduates will embrace with enthusiasm the Symposium and will assist in the widest possible dissemination and success.

We look forward to seeing you in June in Patras!

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