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Process and Plant Design

Course Notes
Faculty Member(Members):
Ioannis K. Kookos
Undergraduate, 7th Semester
Core Courses
Course Number: CHM_941
Credits: 5
ECTS Credits:6

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course a student should be able to:

  1. generate and solve systematically energy and material balances,
  2. build Process Flow Diagrams using systematic procedures,
  3. complete the preliminary sizing using minimum information,
  4. undertake preliminary economic analysis and evaluation


At the end of the course the student will have further developed the following skills/competences:

  1. ability to understand the structure and analyze Process Flow Diagrams
  2. ability to use process simulators such as HYSYS, UNISIM and ASPEN PLUS in modeling chemical/biochemical processes
  3. ability to judge the viability of investment in new products or processes


There are no prerequisites for this course. However, students should have basic knowledge of mass and energy balances and unit operations.

Course Contents

Systematic development and solution of energy and material balances. Degree of freedom analysis and solution of non-linear equations. Recycle streams and implications to the solution of the material and energy balances for complete plants.
Thermodynamic data and collection of. Thermodynamic models of ideal and non-ideal mixtures. Estimation of thermo-physical properties using group contribution methods – method of Joback and method of Gani. Thermodynamic model of Raoult, model of activity coefficients and cubic (and other) equations of state. Implementation of thermodynamic models into computer software and selection of appropriate thermodynamic model.
Process flow diagrams (PFDs) (PFDs) and Process and instrumentation diagrams (Ρ&IDs).
Preliminary design and costing of classical unit operations. Preliminary sizing of distillation columns, exctraction columns, absorption columns, heat exchangers, pumps and compressors.
Estimation of f.o.b. equipment cost. Estimation of installed equipment cost, cost of direct labor, cost of utilities. Depreciation and cost of manufacture. Evaluation of investment plans. Indices of financial performance. Net present value, return of investment and pay-back time.
Application to production units: production of styrene, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol.
Κeywords: Μaterial and energy balances; Design data; Process Flow diagrams; Preliminary design.

Teaching And Learning Methods

Lectures, training in using computer software and supervised completion of a design project and technical writing. Problem based learning is introduced to the students.

Assessment and Grading Methods

Personal design project (25% of the final mark) that includes technical writing and oral examination/presentation.
Written examination (75% of the final mark)