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Yannis Dimakopoulos

Assistant Professor
Process & Environmental Engineering
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Curriculum Details

  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (1997)                    
  • Master in the Simulation, Optimization and Control of Processes, University of Patras (2003)
  • Doctoral Diploma in Chemical Engineering, University of Patras (2003)
  1. Unit Operations and Transport Phenomena.
  2. Fluid Dynamics: Single and two phase flows, free surface and moving boundary flows, nonisothermal flows, flows of Non-Newtonian fluids, physiological flows.
  3. Computational Mechanics: Soft Tissue Engineering, Elastic solids.
  4. Rheology of viscoplastic, viscoelastic and elastoviscoplastic materials: calculations of rheological properties, forming processes of polymeric materials.
  5. Development and application of numerical methods in non-Newtonian fluid interests.
  6. High performance computing and parallel computers,

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Dimakopoulos, Y., Bogaerds, A., Anderson, P., Hulsen, M., Baaijens, F.P.T., “Direct numerical simulation of a 2D idealized aortic heart valve at physiological flow rates”, Comp. Meth. Biomech. and Biomed. Engrg, 15 (11), 1157-1179 (2012).

Dimakopoulos, Y., “An efficient parallel fully implicit algorithm for the simulation of transient free surface flows of multimode viscoelastic liquids”, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 165 (7-8), 409-424 (2010).

Dimakopoulos, Y., and Tsamopoulos, J., “A quasi-elliptic transformation for moving boundary problems with large anisotropic deformations”, J. Comp. Physics, 192, 494-522 (2003).

Tseropoulos, G., Dimakopoulos, Y., Tsamopoulos, J., and Lyberatos, G., “On the flow characteristics of the conical Minoan pipes used in water supply systems, via Computational Fluid Dynamics”, J. Archaeological Sc. 40 (4), 2057-2068 (2013).

Pavlidis, M., Dimakopoulos, Y., and Tsamopoulos, J., “Analytical and numerical solutions for the flow of an undeformed viscoelastic film down a vertical cylinder”, Rheologica Acta, 48 (9), 1031-1048(2009).

Dimakopoulos, Y., Bogaerds, A., Anderson, P., and Baaijens, F., “Application of the ficticious domain/Lagrange multiplier method on the simulation of the aortic valve”, GRACM 2011, June-July 2011, Athens, GREECE.

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