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Maria Dimarogona

Assistant Professor
Process & Environmental Engineering
+30 2610997797

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Curriculum Details

  • Diploma, Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, 2004
  • MRes, Université Paris Descartes, 2007
  • PhD, National Technical University of Athens, 2012
  • Structural and functional characterization of enzymes implicated in plant biomass degradation
  • Recombinant protein expression
  • Macromolecular crystallography
  • Use of plant biomass for the production of chemicals and fuels
«Expression, characterization and structural modelling of a feruloyl esterase from the thermophilic fungus Myceliophthora thermophila.»
Topakas E., Moukouli M., Dimarogona M., Christakopoulos P. (2012)
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 94(2), pp. 399-411
«The structure of a GH10 xylanase from Fusarium oxysporum reveals the presence of an extended loop on top of the catalytic cleft»
Dimarogona M., Topakas E., Christakopoulos P., Chrysina E.D. (2012)
Acta Crystallographica Section D, 68(7), pp. 735-742
«Lignin boosts the cellulase performance of a GH-61 enzyme from Sporotrichum thermophile
Dimarogona M., Topakas E., Olsson  L., Christakopoulos P. (2012).
Bioresource Technology, 110, pp. 480-487
«The structure of a novel glucuronoyl esterase from Myceliophthora thermophila gives new insights on its role as a potential biocatalyst»
Charavgi M., Dimarogona M., Topakas E., Christakopoulos P., Chrysina E. (2013)
Acta Crystallographica Section D, 69(1), pp. 63-73
«Structural and functional characterization of a lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase with broad substrate specificity»
Borisova A.S., Isaksen T., Dimarogona M., Kognole A.A., Mathiesen G., Várnai A., Røhr Å.K., Payne C.M., Sørlie M., Sandgren M., Eijsink V.G. (2015)
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290(38): 22955-69
«Structural and functional studies of a Fusarium oxysporum cutinase with polyethylene terephthalate modification potential»
Dimarogona M., Nikolaivits E., Kanelli M., Christakopoulos P., Sandgren M., Topakas E. (2015) Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1850(11): 2308-17.
«Interactions of a fungal lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase with β-glucan substrates and cellobiose dehydrogenase»
Courtade G., Wimmer R., Røhr Å.K., Preims M., Felice A.K., Dimarogona M., Vaaje-Kolstad G., Sørlie M., Sandgren M., Ludwig R., Eijsink V.G., Aachmann F.L. (2016)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(21): 5922-27.
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