MSc Students Presentations - Magdalini Aroniada

Presentation Title (Τίτλος Παρουσίασης): Theoretical study of volumetric mass transfer coefficient from dynamic experiments
Presentation Type (Τύπος Παρουσίασης): MSc Students Presentations
Speakers Full Name (Ονοματεπώνυμο): Magdalini Aroniada
Speakers Affiliation (Προέλευση Ομιλητή): Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras
Seminar Room (Αίθουσα): Seminar Hall
Event Date: Tue, Sep 11 2018, Time: 09:00 - 10:00
Abstract (Περίληψη)

In many biochemical processes the concentrations of the components are not uniform as there is mass transfer from areas where there are high concentration values ​​to areas with lower values. A basic process, which is the one this study is focused on, is the introduction of oxygen into bioreactors for aerobic culture. In this case, the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the bubbles is much higher than the rest of the liquid (bulk) and thus the concentration difference causes oxygen transfer from the bubbles to the bulk. Mass transfer is also critical in processes where reactions take place. As the distance between the reactants and the reaction region increases, it is more likely that mass transfer rate control the rate of reaction. In aerobic culture case, if the rate of oxygen transfer from the bubbles is low then the utilization of oxygen by the microorganisms will depended from the oxygen flow in gas form. Since oxygen is very important in aerobic processes all studies have focused on the mass transfer between liquid and gas and especially to volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa which is one of the most important factors of the process. In the first part of this study, we will introduce some mass transfer theory in bioreactors and we will present the experimental process. Thus, we will introduce the extraction of analytical and numerical solution of the corresponding mathematical model and we will present studies that calculate the volumetric mass transfer coefficient kLa and the parameter α. At this point, we will present the new method developed in the present MSc Thesis. In addition, the results from the methods analyzed will be presented and there will be extracted a mathematical equation which shows the volumetric mass transfer coefficient with the frequency of rotations of the agitator.

Speakers Short CV (Σύντομο Βιογραφικό Ομιλητή)

Magdalini Aroniada   

Megalou Alexandrou  8 ,Karpenisi

36100, Greece


Chemical Engineering –University of Patras Greece              

Master of Science in area of Process Simulation, Optimization and Control      Sept 16  - Now

  • Principal Subjects: Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Reactor Analysis and Design, Process Optimization, Applied Mathematics, System Dynamics, Physical Chemistry
  • Diploma thesis with the topic: Theoretical study of volumetric mass transfer coefficient from synamic experiments.
  • Participated in Research Methodologies.

Chemical Engineering –University of Patras                                                                                                Patras, Greece              

Diploma in Chemical Engineering (Grade: 7.39 / 10 Very Good)                                                               Sept 11- Sept 16                                                                                                                     

  • Principal Subjects: Process Dynamics and Control, Process and Plant Design ,Plant Design Laboratory, Systems Dynamics, Process Optimization, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Instrumental Chemical Analysis, Biochemical Process Engineering, Economics of Environment ,Unit Operations, Biomaterials, Reactor Analysis and Design
  • Diploma thesis with the topic: Modelling and Optimisation of Reactive Distillation Column.
  • Participated in projects for Design and Optimization Systems.


Chemical Engineering –University of Patras                                                                                                Patras, Greece              

Research Associate, Research Infastructure for Waste Valorization and

Sustainable Management of Resources, INVALOR                                                                                       April 18- Now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

General Chemical State Laboratory                                                                                                              Athens,Greece

Practical Training in Industry                                                                                                    July 2015- Aug 2015            

  • Acquired knowledge in chemical tests on foodstuffs, particularly in national products such as cheese, olive oil and honey, and food additives.
  • Participated in presentation about training in General Chemical State Laboratory.


Greek - Native

  • English – Level Excellent (Proficiency of  Michigan)
  • French – Basic Knowledge (A2)


  • Attendance on many seminars like Safe and Health Seminar and conferences on management science, entrepreneurship and new technologies.
  • Hobbies: Member of a local track team (PR. 22΄03΄΄ at 5km and 51΄06΄΄ at 10km), Participation in running, skiing and swimming contests, Good at music instruments such as piano.