The mission of the Department of Chemical Engineering at University of Patras is twofold:

  1. to advance knowledge in the field of chemical engineering science;
  2. to educate students in chemical engineering and chemical technology from undergraduate to postgraduate and doctoral levels.

The Department aims at promoting excellence. We are dedicated to the principles of meritocracy and academic ethos to achieve high quality teaching and constructive research, thus enhancing our students’ scholarly attitude and creativity.
The specific targets of the Department are as follows:

  1. to provide our students with a strong background in mathematics, physical sciences and chemical engineering science, as well as train them in engineering design through education and practical experience involving data collection, critical evaluation, analysis and synthesis;
  2. to instill to our graduates the idea of life-long learning and continuing professional development, both much needed in a technologically changing society within a globalized economy;
  3. to prepare the next generation professionals and leaders that will be capable of following the rapidly evolving scientific developments and using modern tools and methodologies based on research and learning; 
  4. to create new knowledge and advance existing one through fundamental and applied research in chemical engineering and beyond, thus promoting multi- and inter-disciplinary research strategies;
  5. to contribute to the reconstruction and development of the region and the country in collaboration with local organizations and enterprises and within the frame of research excellence and innovation.