Although the research interests and current research activities of the DCE faculty members vary, research at the DCE is mainly directed to the following eight (8) areas:

Synthesis of polymers via controlled “living” polymerization. Block copolymers of specific architecture and properties. Water-soluble polymers. Interpolymer hydrogen bonded and polyelectrolyte complexes. Polyelectrolyte/protein interactions. Formation of colloidal nanoparticles. Thermothickening systems. Association phenomena of copolymers in solutions. Responsive nanostructured micelles. Injectable physical gels from responsive model copolymers. Controlled drug delivery complex systems. Nanohybrids copolymer/carbon nanotubes and/or graphene.

Thermodynamic and rheological properties of polymers. Polymers at interfaces.

Development of methods for modeling and simulation of polymeric material properties in multiple time and space scales.

Faculty members:  V. Mavrantzas, G.Staikos, K. Tsitsilianis

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Plasma Deposition of thin films and surface treatment. Physicochemical processes in low and atmospheric pressure plasmas. Plasma-Surface interactions. Optimum design of radio-frequency plasma reactors for deposition of nanostructured materials and surface treatment.

Ultra- thin films of organic semiconductors on inorganic and organic substrates for organic electronic applications. Electronic structure and energetics at the interface.

Spectroscopic characterization of nanometric film stacks of technological interest (high-k materials, metals and organics prepared by e-beam, sputtering, ALD, spin coating).

Model catalytic nanostructures (metallic and bi-metallic systems on metal and oxide substrates).

Design and development of remote-query sensors consisting of selective inorganic layers adhered on magnetoelastic materials.

Faculty members:  E. Amanatides, S. Kennou, D. Kouzoudes, S. Ladas, D. Mataras

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Applied Spectroscopy:  Raman spectroscopy and thermodynamics of chemical reactions in solution and in the gaseous phase. Structural studies of inorganic coordination complexes in molten salts and in vapors at high temperatures. Study of aging and structural damage of organic materials using molecular spectroscopy. Optical and Electrical plasma diagnostics.

Crystals development: Crystallization in aqueous solutions with applications in industrial processes, energy production processes (geothermal energy) and biological mineralization. Crystallization in melts of organic compounds and inorganic salts. Adsorption, surface charge and stability of suspensions.

Metals, Ceramics and Composite Materials: Study/development of processes and materials. Properties and characterization of metals, ceramics and composite materials

Faculty members:  E. Amanatides, G. N. Angelopoulos, S. Bebelis, S. Boghosian, 
P. Koutsoukos, D. Mataras, P. Nikolopoulos (Emeritus), V. Stivanakis

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Catalysis: Development of improved catalysts for reactions of industrial and environmental importance. Electronic interactions between metal and carrier in supported metal catalysts. Design of advanced reactors with rapid heat exchange. Catalytic reformation of biofuels for production of renewable hydrogen.

Photocatalysis:  Study of photocatalytic reactions and their application for protection of the environment and for energy production. Photocatalytic production of hydrogen with simultaneous degradation of organic compounds.

In-situ Raman studies of catalytic processes at the molecular level with simultaneous measurements of catalytic activity (operando Raman spectroscopy). Structure-function relationships in catalytic systems.  Defects and oxygen vacancies in catalytic mixed metal oxide materials.
Surface study of realistic model catalysts.

Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis (EPOC): Study of EPOC and investigation of its application in reactions of industrial and technological interest. Design of monolithic electropromoted reactors (MEPR).

Fuel cells: Development of low or high temperature conventional fuel cells, operating on H2 or carbon fuels. Development of non-conventional fuel cells (microbial fuel cells, photo fuel cells). Modeling of fuel cells.
Electrochemical treatment of wastewaters.

Faculty members:  S. Bebelis, S. Boghosian, A. Katsaounis, D. Kondarides, S. Ladas, P. Lianos, C. G. Vayenas, X. Verykios

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Systems dynamics. Bifurcation analysis. Dynamics and stability of biochemical reactors Mathematical modeling of growth of microbial populations.

Stability and dynamic analysis of complex flows. 

Synthesis and optimization of biotechnological processes for the production of platform chemicals .  Synthesis, design and optimization of biofuel production processes. 

Stability analysis of processes. Control structure selection for large scale systems. Nonlinear observer design. Optimal controllers for nonlinear systems. Global stabilization of nonlinear systems. Nonlinear dynamic model reduction.

Faculty members:  Y. Dimakopoulos, C. Kravaris, I. Kookos, M. Kornaros, S. Pavlou, J. Tsamopoulos

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Biotechnological valorization of liquid and solid wastes and by-products for production of biofuels and energy. Recovery of organic and inorganic substances and biotechnological production of high added-value products from liquid wastes and by-products. Development, modeling and simulation of waste/by-product valorization processes and of sustainable management of natural recourses. Biotechnological exploitation of phorosynthesis. Management of natural ecosystems.
Faculty members:  G. N. Angelopoulos, I. Kookos, M. Kornaros, P. Koutsoukos, D.Mantzavinos, P. Nikolopoulos (Emeritus),Ch. Paraskeva,  D. Petroutsos, V. Stivanakis

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Strategies for air pollution control. Atmospheric chemistry and global climate change. Atmospheric nanoparticles. Non-catalytic gas-solid reactions for air pollution control.

Particle technology and separation processes. Particulate systems. Particle flow in porous media. Filtration of particulate pollutants. Characterization and identification of particles. Consolidation of porous material through the precipitation of insoluble salts. Water and wastewater treatment.

Physicochemical and biological technologies for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters. Advanced oxidation processes. Processing and management of urban and industrial solid wastes.

Faculty members:  M. Kornaros, D. Mantzavinos , S. Pandis, Ch. Paraskeva , D. Spartinos

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Fluid dynamics. Rheology of viscoelastic and viscoplastic materials. Rheology of polymers. Thermodynamics of transport phenomena in polymers. Development of state models for polymers and polymer nanocomposites. Computational mechanics of elastic media and biological tissues. Fluid mechanics and transport phenomena applied in production of new materials.  Simulation of plasma processing of materials. Interfacial phenomena. Development and application of advanced numerical methods.

Analytical methods and application of partial differential equations in problems of mathematical physics. Creeping hydrodynamics and magnetic fluids.

Faculty members:  E. Amanatides, P. Vafeas, Y. Dimakopoulos, D. Mataras, V. Mavrantzas, Ch. Paraskeva, J. Tsamopoulos

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