Chemical Engineering Department has established the designation of Academic Advisor for the students of the Department. Specifically, for the first-year students 12 faculty members have been assigned whose role is to inform and advise groups of about 15 students each. First-year students are informed about their Academic Advisor’s name during their registration to the Department and they can utilize his knowledge and experience throughout all the years of their studies.

Academic Advisor’s Mission

The Academic Advisor provide guidance for developing and achieving meaningful educational, professional, and personal goals. He/She selects the way to approach and provides assistance to his designated group of students. As a minimum common approach to our students, the Department asks the Academic advisors to advise students on all of the following aspects:

  • Course content, participation in the laboratories, utilization of the computing center, potential difficulties, ways of course evaluation, students encouragement for participating in progress examinations, tests, sets of exercises, remedial teaching with extra tutorials, etc. that assists students to understand and pass the course.
  • Content of elective courses and discussion about students’ personal interests before the final selection of their course.
  • Discussion of the final exams’ results.
  • Thesis topic selection.
  • Postgraduate studies (in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Patras, in Greece and abroad).
  • Professional perspectives (opportunities in the public and private sector, freelancing and working abroad).
  • Discussion of any family, personal or other issue which may become a barrier in students’ education.

Student (Advisee) Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the importance of their relationships with advisors
  • Seeking out advisors, contacts, university services, and information on a regular basis
  • Keeping their assigned advisor informed regarding academic issues and challenges
  • Scheduling, preparing for, and keeping advising appointments
  • Knowing and understanding the requirements of his/her individual degree programs
  • Taking final responsibility for making their own decisions according to the best information and advice available
Contact with your Academic Advisor

The Academic Advisor makes a list that includes the email addresses of all students assigned and contacts them for issues relating to their studies. Moreover, he informs his assigned students about the hours of group meeting with announcements at his or the Secretariat’s Noticeboard as well as at the Department’s website. For the effectiveness of a potential meeting, the committee proposes personalized meetings with each student and group meetings for issues of common interest.

The commission’s Mission

The student Affairs Committee and Alumni which is designated by the Department’s Director, visits the first-year students at the beginning of the semester and informs them about the Academic advisor’s institution. Furthermore, the committee organizes events to welcome first-year students. The committee urges Academic Professors to communicate regularly via e-mail with the assigned students (at least once every two months) and also to arrange joint meetings either in or outside the Department.

Academic Advisors for this year

During this year as Academic Advisors have been assigned the following faculty members of the Department:

  • Amanatides Eleftherios
  • Angelopoulos George
  • Boghosian Soghomon
  • Dassios Konstantinos
  • Dimarogona Maria
  • Katsaounis Alexandros
  • Kondarides Dimitris
  • Kornaros Michael
  • Koukos Ioannis
  • Kyriakou Georgios
  • Pandis Spyros
  • Paraskeva Christakis
  • Pasparakis George
  • Tsamopoulos John
  • Vafeas Panayiotis