The web registry of the University of Patras provides students and professors a variety of online services for an on-line communication with the Secretariat of the Department from any computer via the Internet. Specifically:

Students are provided the following services:

  • Registration Renewal
  • Courses and Specializations Registration
  • Application for certificates
  • Access to their personal tab (personal and academic work)
  • Application for Graduation
  • Information about the academic structure, courses, professors, etc.

Professors are provided the following services:

  • Announcement of a list which includes the registered students in their courses.
  • Score submissions
  • Access to old ratings
  • Information about the academic structure
  • Run operations for students for which they are designated as Advisor Advisor such as:
    • Academic Student
    • Mission Qualification
    • Check Audit results

More information can be found at the University webpage.

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