The Department offers the following five (5) advanced PhD courses:


Transport Phenomena

Physical Chemistry

Diffusional operations

Chemical Kinetics - Reaction Engineering

In addition:

  • Every second or third year, several electives are offered by the Department in the form of Special Topics. The curriculum of these elective courses is reviewed each year and updated often. Typical examples of such elective courses in the past included: Surface science, Materials science, Applied mathematics, Numerical analysis, Statistical mechanics and molecular simulation, Environmental biotechnology, Alternative forms of energy, Electrochemical processes, Atmospheric pollution, Colloids and emulsions, System dynamics, Bioreactor analysis and design, Process optimization, etc. Attendance of these electives may be started even from the first year.
  • Enrolled PhD students are also encouraged to attend suitable courses offered from other graduate programs at the University of Patras outside our Department to help them further deepen and broaden their background and get involved in their research in a more effective manner.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, the following two Special Topics Courses are offered:

  1. Elements of Applied Mathematics by Professors George Dassios and Panayiotis Vafeas
  2. The Interdisciplinary Training Course on NanoBiotechnology Innovation by Professors Nicholas Peppas and Helena Florindo (online)