Module Notes
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Postgraduate, Spring/Fall Semester
Module Type: Core Courses
Teaching Language: English/Greek
Course Code:
ECTS Credits: 12
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Module Details

1. Molecular Origin of Diffusion: Theories

-- Kinetic Theory of Gases

-- Hydrodynamic Theories

-- Free volume theories

-- Transition-state / activated-state theories

2. Diffusion and Brownian Motion

-- Brownian motion, Langevin Equation, overdamped Langevin Equation

-- Brownian motion in a harmonic potential

-- Smoluchowski equation

-- Time correlation functions, response functions

-- Fluctuation - Dissipation Theorem

-- Diffusion in polymers

-- Levi walks and their macroscopic interpretation

3. Fick’s law and Diffusional Transport: Concentration distributions in Solids and in Laminar Flows

a) Steady-State

                --one-dimensional (2nd order ODE solution)

                --multidimensional (PDEs and separation of variables)

b) Unsteady-State

                --infinite domains (similarity variables, Laplace transforms, integral solutions)

                --finite domains (separation of variables, asymptotic solutions)

4. Multicomponent Systems

-- Conservation Equations for Multicomponent systems and Multicomponent fluxes

-- Matrix approximation for Multicomponent Mass Transport

-- Dimensional analysis and scaling (Prandtl, Schmidt, Grashof and Damköhler numbers)

5. Transport equations and Irreversible Thermodynamics

-- Affinities, fluxes, coupled fluxes, Casimir-Onsager reciprocity principles

-- Maxwell-Stefan Equations for Multicomponent Diffusion in Gases at Low Density

6. Other Mechanisms for Mass Transfer

-- The equation of change for entropy

-- Generalized Stefan-Maxwell equations

-- Applications of the Generalized Stefan-Maxwell equations

7. Other applications of the Generalized Stefan-Maxwell equations

-- Mass transfer across selectively permeable membranes (facilitated and active transport)

-- Mass Transfer in Biology and Medicine

-- Drug release from Delivery Systems

-- Mass transfer through a Biofilm

-- Diffusion in porous media

8. Transport in Electrolyte Solutions

-- Ion fluxes, Poisson-Boltzmann equation, Double-Layer Potential

-- Electro-osmotic Flow

9. Combined Transport and Reaction (homogeneous or heterogeneous)

-- Instantaneous Reactions (moving boundaries), First Order Reactions

-- Vapor Deposition and Sublimation

-- Condensation and Evaporation

10. Dispersion & Turbulence

-- Convection-Dispersion (Taylor Dispersion)

-- Averaging--temporal and spatial

-- Dispersion and Chromatography

-- Turbulence (eddy diffusivities)

11. Overview of anomalous diffusion (time permitting)

-- Levi walks and their macroscopic interpretation

-- Subdiffusion and superdiffusion

Course textbooks

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Additional Reading

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