The Department regularly undergoes assessment exercises in terms of teaching quality assurance and research performance according to the procedures set by the State and implemented by the University of Patras. In addition, we monitor systematically and evaluate any information that comes from reliable, independent sources and concerns the quality of departmental services:

  1. See the Departmental report regarding independent evaluations/achievements for 2013;
  2. See the QS World University Rankings;
  3. See the Rand Corporation report (summary, full);
  4. See article regarding the ranking of Chemical Engineering Departments in Greece.

The Internal Evaluation of the Department was carried out by an internal evaluation team (OMEA) in collaboration with the University’s quality assurance unit. The whole process lasts for two academic semesters, during which the OMEA (which is appointed by the Department) is responsible for (i) collecting and analyzing data, (ii) drafting the evaluation reports, (iii) monitoring the implementation of any corrective measures needed, and (iv) following the international rankings and achievements of the Department. Click the links below to view the report.

In addition to the Internal Evaluation, in November 2013, another evaluation of the Department was carried out by an External Evaluation Committee consisted of prominent Greek Professors of diaspora. Click the link below to view the report.