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Research in the Surface Science Laboratory (SSL) focuses on experimental Solid Surface Science. A large variety of surface analysis and characterization techniques is used in order to determine the structure, composition and electronic properties of surfaces / interfaces/ thin films of solid materials, exposed to ultra-high-vacuum or  controlled gaseous atmospheres and to correlate them with the material  behavior in various processes. Surface /interface and thin film analysis is of  primary importance in both fundamental and applied research in the field of Material Science and Technology, especially in the areas of micro(nano)-electronics, composite materials and catalytic materials for heterogeneous catalysis. A number of surface sensitive techniques, including X-ray and ultra-violet  photoelectron and Auger electron spectroscopies (XPS/XAES, UPS), Auger  Electron and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (AES, EELS), Ion Scattering Spectroscopy (ISS), work function measurement (WF) and Low-energy electron  diffraction (LEED), as well as traditional mass spectrometric techniques  like temperature programmed desorption (TPD) are available in the SSL. In addition, there is access to synchrotron radiation facilities, in which high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy (SRPES) and additional techniques can be implemented, including near-edge and extended X-ray absorption fine structure analysis (NEXAFS, SEXAFS, EXAFS, XANES).


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