The faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering are involved in a wide spectrum of research activities, including:

  1. materials science and technology, surface science and porous media;
  2. heterogeneous catalysis and electrochemistry;
  3. energy and the environment;
  4. physical, chemical and biochemical processes and the associated transport phenomena;
  5. process modelling, optimization and control.

In recent years, particular emphasis has been given in the development of modern branches of chemical engineering, including:

  1. nanotechnology and nanomaterials (including synthesis and characterization);
  2. fuel cells, solar cells and advanced energy-storage systems;
  3. environmental chemical engineering;
  4. biological engineering and systems biology
  5. multi-functional polymers;
  6. computational materials modelling

We strongly believe that the aforementioned research areas must be strengthened further through promoting inter-disciplinary collaborations, as well as closely following the scientific advances worldwide. A step in this direction is the Department’s commitment to identify, attract and possibly recruit young engineers and scientists of high caliber from universities and research institutes in Greece and abroad.
In a nutshell, the main goals of our research activities are:

  1. to advance fundamental and applied research following the contemporary scientific and technological trends;
  2. to improve, through research, the education level of our postgraduate and undergraduate students;
  3. to promote synergies through establishing collaborations with other research organizations;
  4. to setup links and collaborations with industrial partners;
  5. to develop innovative processes and products;
  6. to create spin-offs.