ITACA: Innovative Training Centre for Advanced 3rd level Course in Azerbaijan

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The planned activities are:

  • the design and building up of a Training Center, where EU and AZ universities and stakeholders will share their experiences and new technical and scientific knowledge in the field of environmental remediation to jointly face the environmental challenges in the Country;
  • the design and development of a postgraduate 3rd cycle advanced course on environmental remediation, to train professionals skilled in new technologies to be implemented to solve the actual emergencies in the field;
  • the evaluation of the feasibility of the introduction in AZ of this new type of education (the 3rd cycle) that is absent in the current local HE system (apart from PhD), in the view of constituting a bridge between the academic and industrial sectors, to favour students introduction in the job market, thus contributing to a quality enhancement of the technicians in the AZ companies, as well as increasing their competitiveness on a national and international level;
  • the introduction of an innovative and more practical teaching methodology, consisting of problem-based learning and project work. 


The expected results of the project are:

  • to contribute to the modernization of the Az universities and to improve the higher education of engineers and technicians in the field of soil and water remediation, and waste management to face the impact of oil and gas extraction activities in Azerbaijan
  • to improve and speed-up the employability of graduates and staff and their entrepreneurial capability
  • to introduce new advanced technology in the area of environmental remediation and waste management
  • to get the oil and gas extraction industry more sustainable

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University of Patras Participants:

Chemical Engineering Department:

Professor Emeritus Petros Koutsoukos

Professor Christakis Paraskeva.

Department of Pharmacy:

Associate Professor Pavlos Klepetsanis

Finance & Αdmin Coordinator: Mairy Sypsa