Module Notes
Postgraduate, Fall Semester
Module Type: Specialization Courses
Teaching Language: English/Greek
Course Code: GCHM_C622
ECTS Credits: 8
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Module Details

By the end of this course the students should know:

  1. The basic types of renewable energy sources and the main technologies for their utilization
  2. The basics of solar engineering and wind potential/wind properties  
  3. The operating principles of photovoltaic (pv) modules, the different pv technologies and their basic properties.  
  4. The operating principles wind turbines, the different types of wind turbines and their main properties  
  5. The distinction between passive and energetic thermal solar systems and their main applications in heating/cooling and electricity production
  6. The main mechanisms of heat transfer from the core of earth to its surface. The different geothermal systems and fields and the main methods for their detection. The main application of geothermal energy and the technical problems for its utilization.
  7. The most important thermal processes of energy production from biomass. The main methods of biodiesel production and their life cycle assessment. Technoeconomical analysis for installation and operation of a biomass plant and its environmental and societal impact
  8. The main methods of hydrogen production from fossil fuels and renewable sources. The fundamentals of energy production in fuel cells and the different types of fuel cells.

The basic principles of photocatalysis and the mechanisms of photocatalytic reactions. The potential use of photocatalytic methods in environmental and energy-related applications.

By the end of the course the students will have further developed the following skills/competences:

  1. Ability to calculate the solar and wind yield at a specific latitude – longitude
  2. Ability to design and dimension a pv plant and calculate the cost and energy production
  3. Ability to design and dimension a wind plant and calculate the cost and energy production
  4. Ability to estimate the viability of an installation for energy production from biomass, through life-cycle and techno-economical analysis.
  5. Ability to calculate the efficiency of thermal solar systems and the energy saving in heating/cooling applications
  6. Ability to calculate the efficiency of energy production from fuel cells and hydrogen production from either fossil fuels or renewable sources
  7. Ability to calculate geothermal fields and the energy savings that result from their usage
  8. Ability to estimate the efficiency of photocatalytic reactions from thermodynamic and kinetic parameters.

There are no prerequisite courses. It is, however, recommended that students have basic knowledge of  energy and heat balances as well as techno-economical analysis

  1. Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems and utilization technologies. Current status in Greece, Europe and worldwide.
  2. Solar Engineering and solar energy. Basic equations for calculation of incident solar power on horizontal and incline level
  3. Photovoltaics for electricity production. Semiconductors, Photovoltaic cells (PV) and modules. Different PV technologies. Design of PV plants and techno-economical analysis.
  4. Passive and active thermal solar systems for electricity production and heating/cooling applications. From solar collectors to solar towers.
  5. Wind power and basic wind properties. Production of mechanical and electrical energy from wind turbines. Main types of wind turbines. Design of wind plants and techno-economical analysis.
  6. Geothermal Energy: Introduction, ,historical evolution and heat in earth surface. Geological background, heat transfer and relative calculations. Characteristics of geothermal fluids. Methods of research, detection and production of geothermal energy. Geothermal energy usage and technical problems in the utilization.
  7. Energy from biomass: Thermal processes for energy production from biomass. Biodiesel production from biological processes. Pre-treatment processes of biomass for biodiesel production. Life-cycle analysis and techno-economical analysis of installation and operation of biomass plant. Environmental and societal impacts.
  8. Hydrogen and fuel cells: Hydrogen production from fossil fuels and renewable sources. Fundamentals of energy production in fuel cells. Types of fuel cells.
  9. Photocatalytic technologies: Basic principles and mechanisms of heterogeneous photocatalysis. Thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the reactions. Photocatalysts.  Αpplication of photocatalytic methods for the production of energy and the protection of the environment
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  1. Lectures using PowerPoint presentations which are uploaded in the e-class
  2. Solving of problems by the instructors during class

Final written exams (100 % of final grade)