Module Notes
Faculty Member (Members):
Undergraduate, 3rd Semester (2nd Year, Fall)
Module Category: Compulsory Modules
Module Type: Management & Economics, Social Sciences & Foreign Languages
Teaching Language: Greek
Course Code: CHM_312
Credits: 3
ECTS Credits: 3
Teaching Type: Lectures (3h/W)
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Course URL: E-Class (CMNG2198)
Module Details

Description of research methods - Search engines

Study of research articles

Recognition of techniques and conventions (paraphrasing, avoiding plagiarism, correct use of referential verbs)

Research work

Study and description of graphic representations

Presentation of research articles - Methodology

Bibliographical references

Summary of a Research article - Methodology

Curriculum vitae writing

Interview - Methodology

Total Module Workload (ECTS Standards):

75 Hours

Lexicon 4γλωσσο λεξικό επιστημονικών και τεχνικών (2004), University Studio Press. Δερμιτζάκης Μ.