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The research focus of the group is atmospheric pollution and climate change. Our activities include laboratory experiments, field measurements, measurements of emissions, development of chemical transport models, and application of these tools in the design of strategies for the improvement of air quality and for limiting climate change. Our laboratory experiments take advantage of our smog chamber (shown in picture above). We have field measurement stations in the center of Patras, outside the city (in Western Achaia) and in use the station in Finokalia, Crete. At the same time we use our mobile laboratory and flying platforms (we recently used in the EU project PEGASOS a Zeppelin to characterize with our colleagues the air quality over Europe). The team has been developing a series of three-dimensional models that simulate air pollution over a given area (city, country, continent or even the whole planet) including PMCAMx, PMCAMx-UF, GRE-CAPS, etc. These tools have been used by our team but more important by local air quality agencies to evaluate emission control measurements in a number of countries (European Union, United States, Mexico, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, etc.)