Christakis Paraskeva, Assistant Prof. 2610 99752
Zagklis Dimitris, Ph.D candidate 2610 996219
Kontos Spyros 2610 996219
Iakovos Iakovides , Graduate student 2610 996219
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Brief description of the research activities of the Laboratory or the Research Team

  1. Technologies and particle separation methods, Particulate systems , Flow in porous materials, filtering of particulate pollutants
  2. Development of scientific instruments to characterize the size and shape of inorganic, organic and biological particles
  3. Consolidation of of non -aggregated porous materials with inorganic salt precipitation, deposition of sparingly soluble salts in oil extraction premises
  4. Water & waste water treatment methods, Design of water and wastewater treatment systems, Environmental Management and Protection
  5. Fluid Mechanics and Transport Phenomena
  6. Separation Processes, wastewater treatment by membrane filtration technologies and reclamation of organic substances with a high added value (Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis, distillation, crystallization, adsorption, extraction, etc. Applications in agroindustrial wastewater treatment technologies.

Chemical analyses: Chemical oxygen demand (COD), Spectrophotometer UV (2), Gas Chromatograph , automatic titrator, gauges for O2, pH, conductivity , NH4+, baths, Ultrasonic bath shaker Vortex, centrifuge , consumables, chemical reagents, glassware laboratory etc.
Mechanical analysis: Precision balances, ball mill, vibrating device with graded collection sieves, Viscometer,  turbidity meter
Vacuum pumps:  fixed displacement pumps ( single and double ), centrifugal and peristaltic pumps
Microscopy: Microscopes ( 3),  stereoscope , camcorders , cameras, lenses of various magnifications
Water treatment: Ultrapure water devise,  Distillation Column
Microbiology: Reactor COD, laminar flow of sterile air , Oven incubation furnaces (BINDER :10-70oC, MLW :0-300 oC, HERAEUS: 0-1150 oC), Incubator
Devices for flocculation / sedimentation
Lab handmade devises: Device for simulation of rainfall patterns & bed with collectors, soil erosion rates, pulsed consolidation cylindrical beds, a constant composition , filters, deep bed filters,
Pilot units: Ultra filtration, Nano filtration Unit and / or reverse osmosis


Doctoral Thesis Dimitris Zagklis: Combination membrane filtration (ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis) with other physicochemical methods (vacuum evaporation, adsorption/ desorption in resins, etc.) to isolate substances with high added value
Doctoral dissertation of Spyros Kontos: Removal and recovery of phenolic compounds from olive mill wastewater using cooling crystallization (Theoretical and experimental study)
Master Thesis Jack Iakovides: Treatment of industrial wastewater by physicochemical methods – Exploitation of byproducts
Master Thesis Pavlakou Efstathia: Theoretical and Experimental Study of precipitation of sparingly soluble salts in porous materials

Projects from 2003 to today
2005: Study of kinetic growth of microorganisms in the biodegradation of toxic pollutants in porous media ( Heraclitus : Scholarships research priority in Basic Research )

2003-2005 : "Development of complex deposits to improve mechanical properties of granular materials " (Heraclitus: Scholarships research priority in Basic Research)

2004-2006: "Stabilization of soils with the precipitation of minerals " ( Scholarships KARATHEODORI 2004)

2005-2008: Experimental investigations and theoretical modeling of CaCO3 deposition, dissolution and inhibition during oil recovery (Norwegian National Foundation for Research)

2005-2008: Development of a methodology for in-depth consolidation of loose soil ( PENED 2003)

2006-2009: Regional Innovation Poles, 2006-2008, GSRT, Ministry of Development, ‘Development of a sustainable solution for the management of waste from mills with emphasis on utilization of by-products’

December 2009: STInno - Sustainable Innovations and Treatment in Industrial Waste Water Clusters

May 2009 : Coupons Innovation ( Innovation Vouchers for SMEs ) GSRT , Ministry of Development

March 2010: SWAM - Increasing the regional competitiveness and economic growth through the RTD & I on sustainable water management

Oct. 2009 - note ( implementing 2011- present) : Develop a new generation of polymeric membranes with vertical stroke carbon nanotubes for cleaning wastewater and water reuse , cooperation programs , SYNERGASIS: " Collaborative projects small and medium scale ", GSRT , Ministry development

Oct.. 2012 - note : Tempus IV, Noria: 'Strengthening Innovation Strategy and Improving the Technology Transfer in the Water Technology Sector of Morocco

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