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Postgraduate, Fall Semester
Module Type: Specialization Courses
Teaching Language: English/Greek
Course Code: GCHM_C761
ECTS Credits: 8
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
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BIOREACTORS. Chemostat, Monod’s model in the chemostat. Product formation. Maintenance and endogenous metabolism. Non-ideal bioreactors. Cell attachment to chemostat walls.
DYNAMIC BEHAVIOR OF BIOREACTORS. Elements of system dynamics. Dynamic behavior of the chemostat. Monod’s model. Andrews’s model.
LIMITATION OF THE MICROBIAL GROWTH RATE FROM MULTIPLE NUTRIENTS. Classification of pairs of nutrients. Complementary nutrients. Substitutable nutrients. Generalized models of microbial growth.
DISTRIBUTED MODELS. Population balance of particles. Breakage process. Aggregation process. Balance of environmental components. Cell population balance in a chemostat.
MIXED CULTURES OF MICROORGANISMS. Classification of microbial interactions. Direct microbial interactions. Indirect microbial interactions. Combinations of interactions.