Module Notes
Faculty Member (Members):
Undergraduate, 2nd Semester (1st Year, Spring)
Module Category: Compulsory Modules
Module Type: Core Chemical Engineering
Teaching Language: Greek
Course Code: CHM_215
Credits: 2
ECTS Credits: 3
Teaching Type: Laboratory (4h/W)
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Course URL: E-Class (CMNG2140)
Module Details

Principles and methods of the qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Ion study and inorganic substances analysis with the liquid-chemical method.

Laboratory methods of qualitative semi-microanalysis.

Study of the main cations.

Theory of titrimetric analysis.

Quantitative analysis by titrimetry.

Familiarization with simple experimental technics.

Realization of laboratory experiments and measurements.

Calculations based on experimental data.

Analytical Chemistry (CHM_115)

A. Qualitative analysis

- Laboratory methods of qualitative semi-microanalysis.
- Classification of the cations in analytical groups and subgroups.
- Reactions of the cations Ag+, Pb2+, Hg22+, Cu2+, Cd2+, As(III), Al3+, Fe3+, Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Zn2+. Separation and identification.

Laboratory exercises of qualitative analysis.

  • Analysis of the first analytical group of cations. Ions Ag+, Pb2+, Hg22+. (Reactions of the ions, analysis of a known and an unknown solution).
  • Separation and identification of the ions Cu2+, Cd2+, As(III), of the second group of cations. (Analysis of a known and an unknown solution).
  • Separation and identification of the ions Al3+, Fe3+,Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Zn2+ of the third group of cations. (Analysis of a known and an unknown solution).
B. Quantitative analysis

- Introduction. Errors and statistical treatment of data.
- Introduction to the titrimetric methods of analysis.
- Neutralization titrations.
- Complexation titrations.
- Precipitation titrations.
- Oxidation/reduction titrations.

Laboratory exercises of quantitative analysis

  • Titrimetric determination of total acid in vinegar and wine.
  • Titrimetric determination of sodium carbonate.
  • Titrimetric determination of oxalates.
  • Titrimetric determination of ascorbic acid.
  • Titrimetric determination of chlorides.
  • Titrimetric determination of water hardness.
  • Lectures by using transparencies.
  • Realization of individual laboratory experiments.

Total Module Workload (ECTS Standards):

88 Hours

Evaluation of the laboratory work, 50%, written and/or oral examination, 50%


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