Module Notes
Faculty Member (Members):
Undergraduate, 9th Semester (5th Year, Fall)
Module Category: Thematic Unit Electives, Group A
Module Type: Core Chemical Engineering
Teaching Language: Greek
Course Code: CHM_E_A2
Credits: 3
ECTS Credits: 4
Teaching Type: Lectures (3h/W) Project/Homework (1/Semester)
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Course URL: E-Class (CMNG2188)
Module Details

Ability to develop mathematical programming formulations for classical engineering design problems,

Ability to use computer software (MATLAB, GAMS) to solve process optimization problems

Ability to evaluate critically the solutions obtained using numerical software

Basic principles and definitions.

Necessary conditions for optimality.

General structure of optimization algorithms.

Optimization without constraints.

Linear and non-linear programming.

Integer programming.

Applications to the design of chemical/biochemical plants.

Tuning of classical, fixed structure controllers, using classical optimization methodologies.

Optimal Control problems and their numerical solution.

Teaching Organization


Total Module Workload (ECTS Standards):

110 Hours

Final exam, weekly projects.

1. I. Kookos & A. Koutinas, Process and Systems Optimization, Tziola Publishing, 2014, in Greek

2. H. Taha, Operational Research, Tziola Publishing, 2007, translation in Greek