Module Notes
Faculty Member (Members):
Undergraduate, 8th Semester (4th Year, Spring)
Module Category: Compulsory Modules
Module Type: Core Chemical Engineering, Advanced Chemical Engineering
Teaching Language: Greek
Course Code: CHM_884
Credits: 3
ECTS Credits: 3
Teaching Type: Lectures (3h/W) Project/Homework (1/Semester)
Module Availability on Erasmus Students: No
Course URL: E-Class (CMNG2202)
Module Details

Ability to use basic knowledge to avoid risk

Ability to apply experimental and computing methodology, data analysis and interpretation to predict risk and avoid leakages, explosions etc.

Knowledge of chemical engineering principles and their technological applications

Ability to design and assess safe chemical processes including the use of process simulation software

Ability to function professionally and behave ethically, taking into account social, environmental and health and safety issues

Ability to cooperate with multidisciplinary teams

Ability to prepare and present projects

Meaning of risk- hazardousness

Risk identification methods

Frequency of potential risks occurrence

Human factor

Pressurized gas leakage

Liquid leakage

Two-phase vapor-liquid mist


Explosions gas cloud

Bleve Explosions

Toxic cloud dispersion

Causes of equipment destruction


Teaching Organization


Total Module Workload (ECTS Standards):

90 Hours

Written examination counts for 60% while the project counts for 40% of the final grade

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2. R.E. Sanders, Chemical process safety, Elsevier, eBook ISBN: 075067749X